RobustIRC is IRC without netsplits

To install and start a bridge for, run:

export GOPATH=~/gocode
go get -u

Then, run the following commands in irssi to connect:

/network add robustirc
/server add -auto -network robustirc localhost 6667
/connect robustirc

Alternatively, without installing the bridge, you can also connect with your IRC client to (on port 6697, with TLS enabled), but then you will still get disconnected from the network occasionally.

No netsplits on server unavailability

Traditional IRC networks split whenever a server has brief network connectivity issues to the rest of the IRC network, or whenever a server needs to be upgraded. With RobustIRC, your users will not notice when you roll out a new version or reboot the machine on which a particular RobustIRC server is running.

Robust against connectivity issues between clients and the network

A brief hickup of your internet connection means your session will be terminated in traditional IRC. With RobustIRC, you will transparently be connected to a different server.

Standard IRC clients can be used

RobustIRC speaks IRC as per RFC2812 (but tunneled over the RobustSession protocol). After installing the RobustIRC bridge, you can keep using your favorite IRC client and configure a RobustIRC network just like any other IRC network.